Knitting Treacle !!

The other day I was trying to explain, to a friend, the latest twists in the hunt to unravel the complex family history of my family when I said it was like trying to knit with treacle.

Just when you think you have got something pinned down off it all goes in many different routes and you have to devote more time and energy trying to gather all the disparate strands together again only for the same thing to happen again, and again and......

Of course the conversation shot off at a tangent because I had to explain what "treacle" was because the person I was talking to was not a native of this land. So I might as well (for completeness) add that description here:

"TREACLE definition: Its the British term for molasses (thick, dark brown syrup obtained from raw sugar during the refining process, a version of which is used in baking and historically in the making British beer) but it can also be a phrase to describe cloying sentimentality or flattery (as in enough of this treacle - let's get back to business)".

Either definition fits the situation being described. Suffice it to say my family genealogy could easily become a full-time job even if the individual family name strands have been well researched by others, its the linkages between these family strands that so often causes the most headaches.

Of cource had my ancestors had the Internet at least some would have written down their piece of the family history, as it is almost all of them went to their maker carrying vital detail in their head and just leaving bare, legal facts, and tons of unidentified photos.

Now you want a scarf or just a pair of gloves?