Birmingham Science Museum Transport Day, 1981

In the days when Birmingham had a Science Museum (before the creation of the politically correct ThinkTank that tries to sanitiese our industrial past), the Friends of the Science Museum would organise an annual Steam Transport Day.

The day, always a Sunday towards the end of September, would see the street outside the Science Museum (Newhall Street) blocked off to cars, buses etc and used to park up in steam historic transport. These vehicles, most owned by individuals would be trucked in to the city centre, unloaded and parked on the steeply sloping Newhall Street. Sunday morning would be for cleaning and raising steam and in the afternoon all of the steam vehicles would parade around some of the city streets, passing through St Pauls Square on the way back to Newhall St before parking up again,

All of this was free. Free to view and free to talk with the owners about their machines and mechanical history in general. It brought people into the city centre on what otherwise would be a quiet day. It generated goodwill & money for (and visitors to) the Science Museum - their cafe did a roaring trade!!!

On this particular Sunday I drove down with Dad, parked up in side street and spent a delightful afternoon wandering around taking pictures and enjoying time with my Dad. We even bumped into a person we both knew from our associations with the Fairbourne Railway in Wales - small world.

Sadly the kids of today don't get this chance to see living, breathing mechanical wonders close up on their city steets - but they do have the ThinkTank to go to. Personally I think their lives are not being enriched by a diet of political & historical correctness.