Welsh Cakes - Just like Mom used to make!!!

It was always a special Sunday tea time when Mom made a tray full of her Welsh Cakes. These delicacies full of sultanas & currants were soft and delicous if eaten warm and fresh from the oven.

I had been putting up with the Marks & Spencer version that somehow got a dusting of sugar on the outside (yuck) that I had been scraping off before putting a little bit of low fat spread (butter replacement) on one side of each and popping them into the microwave. 10 seconds on full made them acceptable - not great, just acceptable.

The the other day I was wandering round Waitrose and came across a pack of "Tan y Castell" Welshcakes. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now these are the real deal - just like Mom used to make!!

Oh well Marks & Sparks lose and Waitrose gain...will not be scraping the M&S variety again - the Waitrose variety are perfect straight out of the pack....yum yum!