19 Gales Pies

When she was alive, my Mom used to love making and baking things like fruit pies for Sunday dinnertime. Add a generous helping of Bird's Custard and that was the prefect end to a family meal.

Although Mom & Dad have passed on, I still try and have a roast meal once or twice a month. It is not cost effective to make my own fruit pies so searching around for a suitable source I came across 19Gales Farm Products. Once again they have a stall at Harborne Farmers Market but also have a shop in Stourbridge and are regular attendees at many of the regions foodie events, markets etc.

Their meat 9steak & ale, steak & kidney, chicken (with ot without muchrooms) & lamb & mint plus their sausage rolls are just great. They also do meat & veggie lasagne. All well worth trying. The Lamb & Mint (with peas) individual pies are just great!

Their Blackberry & Apple, Blueberry & Apple & Strawberry & Apple (in season)  pies are GORGEOUS. Add some custard or creme freche (the Rhubarb with Creme Freche is out of this world) and you have the perfect dinner.

Go on, try them I am sure you will not be disappointed - visit their ONLINE SHOP

Unfortunately, they no longer make their Rhubard & Ginger pies, apparently the fact I always bought them wasn't enough reason to contine making them.