Perfect Roof

A week ago today (17/10/11) it poured with rain, unfortunately some of that poured into my kitchen through an obviously leaking kitchen roof.

On the Tuesday morning I did some phoning round and was eventually advised to contact Harborne Building Supplies because they would have a list of contractors that come with recommendations from their customers. So I duely phoned them and was promised a call back in 10 minutes. The return call came well within the 10 minutes and I was advised to contact Dave Salter, for he was a fine roofer.

I contacted Dave and he visited me on the Wednesday and gave me a price for replacing the flashing that so obviously was corroed and causing the problems. It was agreed all things being equal that he would come on Monday 24th to do the work and would not need scaffolding.

This morning (24/10/11) Dave and crew turned up and unloaded ladders, working board, flashing, tools and assorted bits and pieces and within 20 minutes Dave was on the roof ripping my old flashing off.

It was at this point a conversation took place between us and it was decided, after an on the spot revised quotation was given, that my kitchen roof was effectively shot and really needed replacing. It so happened that when I had the main house roof replaced 5 years ago I persuaded the then contractors to save all the good old slates and leave those with me, on the basis I could do something with them. Some of the broken ones have become slate mulch round the garden and some have gone into plant containers for drainage but the bulk were stacked in my yard.

Dave Salter agreed to replace my old, damaged slate roof with a new felted and lathed roof recycling my stock of old slates.

I have to say I am very happy with the work done. The entire job was completed before 4pm today. They tidied up after themselves and have left me with a all of the old saltes that were removed, which will end up being used as before around the garden.

The kitchen no longer suffers from leaks (it rained tonight just to prove this point) and as Dave said, will be a lot warmer now (win, on heating a bit).

So if you want a quality roofing job done, at a very reasonable rate and you live in the West Midlands, contact Dave Salter of D. Salter & Sons Roofing Services Ltd on 07802 184271 - he comes highly recommended by me.

Also if you need any tradesman and live in the Hrborne area, I really recommend you contact Harborne Building Supplies and ask them for a recommendation - you can get them on 0121 427 2520 - they have their reputation to consider, so won't recommend bad contractors. I most certainly will using them again. ****

**** E H Smith Ltd now own Harborne Building Supplies, so they have a posibly wider range of stuff than before but I cannot guarantee on the value of any adice given now (if it can be given at all).