Chicken Burgers

Always one to try something "new", a few months ago I picked a pack of "home-made" Chicken burgers from the Offchurch Poultry stall on Harborne Farmers Market.

They are lovely, a few chips and peas make a perfect meal and what is more if done immediately on purchase they can be popped in the freezer. However, if you do freeze them you do have to thaw them thoroughly before cooking or you get hard patties rather than delicous, tasty burgers.

If you go to the Farmers Market, they have a gas range and sell hot Chicken burgers (Chicken sausages) in a bun so you can try before you buy - good marketing and good food to eat while at the market. The market stall usually features whole & part chickens & eggs of various sizes for sakle as well as the burgers & sausages.


Offchurch Poultry