The Speight Family

The Speight's are linked to me via the Vick family by marriage to my maternal side family, the Priday's.

The earliest Speight in my family is Thomas Edward Speight born during January 1864 in Preston, Lancashire, England who died during June 1920 in Barrow-in-Furness, Lancashire, England.

Thomas Edward was the husband of a stepdaughter of my second great grand aunt.

The actual lineage to me is:

  • Thomas Edward Speight (1864-1920)
  • Ada Edith Vick (1869-1956) - wife of Thomas Edward Speight
  • John Vick (1830-1903) - father of Ada Edith Vick
  • Diana (Dina) Priday (1834-1864) - wife of John Vick
  • Nathaniel Priday (1794-1870) - father of Diana (Dina) Priday
  • Nathaniel Priday (1830-1900) - son of Nathaniel Priday
  • Joseph Priday (1853-1933) - son of Nathaniel Priday
  • Joseph Priday (1888-1954) - son of Joseph Priday (my maternal side grandfather)
  • Alice May Priday (1917-2009) - daughter of Joseph Priday (my mother)
  • William G Hyde - me

Thomas Edward's Family

Thomas Edward was a "locomotive driver" and lived at 33 Back, Hartington Street, Barrow-In-Furness, Lancashire. Unfortunately, at present, I do not know if Thomas Edward drove a railway locomotive or a road steam locomotive. I have a feeling its the latter because workers normally put "train driver" on census forms. Either way, it was a highly skilled job and very much of its time.

Thomas Edward married Ada Edith Vick during October 1891 in Barrow-in-Furness. Ada Edith Vick was born during October 1869 in Kentish Town, London and died during March 1956 in Barrow-in-Furness, Lancashire.

Ada Edith Vick was the stepdaughter of my second great grand aunt.

Thomas Edward & Ada had five children:

  • George Augustus Speight (1894–1957)
  • Thomas Edward Speight (1897–)
  • Wilfred Speight (1900–1940)
  • Ada Edith Speight (1902–)
  • Alice Speight (1903–)
  • Alfred Speight (1907–1983)

Of the children, Wilfred was killed at Dunkirk, France during World War Two and I am researching and writing his history and will post it in a section along with other family members who died during WW2.