The Davies Family - Dad's Mom's family

My grandfather, Ephriam William Hyde, married Alice Maud Davies at St Barnabas Church, High Street, Erdington, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England on 26 June 1915.

Alice Maud married Ephriam William Hyde when she was 27. Both she & Ephriam were shown to be lodging at the Swan public house, 65 High Street, Erdington, Birmingham at the time of their marriage.

Alice Maud Davies was born in September 1887 at 132 Farm St, Hockley, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England. She was baptised into the Church of England at St Matthias, Farm St, Hockley, Birmingham, Warwickshire but not until 16 July 1893 at the age of 5.

Alice Maud & Ephraim William set up home at 108, Greenhill Road, Moseley, Birmingham and it was here that my father, Gilbert Wilfred was born on 28 June 1916. Ephraim William was employed by Barrow Stores as a Sales Representative at that time. His job was to visit the big houses of the "monied" families of the day to sell the latest products stocked by Barrow Stores and to collect the regular orders. Barrow Stores were to Birmingham what Fortnum & Mason were to London, an upper class Grocers & Wine merchants. For more details on Barrow Stores, read HERE.

Alice Maud & Ephraim William moved to Harborne, Birmingham in 1922 when Ephraim William took over the lease of an existing Newsagent & Sweet shop at 17 High St, Harborne from a pair of elderly sisters. Ephraim William left Barrow Stores and set about obtaining a Tobacconists license for the sho. Alice Maud, Ephraim William & my father moved into the 2 storey flat above the shop. Details of the shop can be found HERE.

Alice Maud died on 22 Febuary 1948 at a (I believe) set-aside wartime nursing home at 19 Carpenter Rd, Edgbaston, Birmingham. Today the house is a home in upmarjket Edgbaston.

Joseph Albert Davies: Alice Maud father
Joseph Albert Davies, a bricklayer & house builder, was born at Dudley, Worcestershire in March 1862 but by 1881 his family had moved to Birmingham.

Joseph Albert married Alice Marie Hull in June 1883 in Dudley but set up home at 132 Farm St, Hockley, Birmingham.

Alice Maud was the third born of five children:

  • Laura Minnie Davies - 1884-1972
  • Harold Gordon Davies - 1886 - 1911
  • Alice Maud Davies - 1887 - 1948
  • Wilfred Sidney Victor Davies - 1893-1966
  • Albert Edgar Davies - 1895 - 1957

All of the children were born at 132 Farm St, Hockley, Birmingham.

Joseph Albert Davies died at the relatively early age of 42 in Birmingham in June 1905. Following his death, his wife Alice Marie moved in with her daughter, Laura Minnie and her new husband, Edgar Brice Milton who lived at 11 Clinton St Winson Green, Birmingham.

By 1935 Alice Marie was living at 36 Lozells Rd, Lozells, Birmingham and even though being 73 years old was still employed as a Char-Woman (an employed cleaner in homes or offices). Alice Marie is believed to passed away about 1942, probably at her Loozells Road home.

John Davies: Alice Maud's grandfather
John Davies, a factory shopman, was born during November 1833 at Dudley, Worcestershire. His father, William Davies was originally from the tiny Shropshire village of Frodesley.

John Davies married Matilda Gill on 29 April 1855 at St Peter & St Paul's, Witton Lane, Aston, Warwickshire (Aston didnt become part of Birmingham until 1911). Although they were maried in Aston, their first home was back in John's home town of Dudley (possibly with his family because it is probably Matilda was already pregnant when they married). The first 9 orf their 14 children were born in Dudley. By 1871, when the 10th child was born the family was in Birmingham. By 1881 John (who by now was trading as a Tailor) lived at 14 Frankford St, Newtown, Birmingham and by 1891 John was shown to be a Tailor at 15 Great Hampton St, Hockley, Birmingham where the last of his children was born.

The 14 children:

  • James Alexander Gill Davies - 1833 - 1898
  • William Walter Davies - 1858 - 1905
  • Frederick John Davies 1859 - 1939 (poss)
  • Sarah Davies - 1862 - 1935
  • Joseph Albert Davies - 1862 - 1905
  • Emma Amelia Davies - 1863 - 1913
  • Ernest Albert Davies - 1865 - 1895
  • Forrest Davies - 1866 - 1946
  • Francis Edmund Davies - 1868 - 1948 (poss)
  • Lewis Arthur Davies - 1871 - 1902
  • Charles R. Davies - 1872 - 1953
  • Minnie Florence Davies - 1875 - 1954
  • Alexander James Davies - 1877 - 1912
  • Leonard Montague Davies - 1881 - 1920

John Davies died in January 1898 at his Great Hampton St home.

William Davies: Alice Maud's greatgrandfather
William Davies was born in 1807 at the tiny Shropshire village of Frodesley, which is in the lee of the Long Mynd on the Shrewsbury side of the Mynd.

The Long Mynd is a heath and moorland plateau, which is approximately 7 miles long by a maximum of 3 miles wide, has steep valleys on its eastern flanks while its western side is marked by a slope that rises in a steep escarpment from the wide valley of the River East Onny. The highest points on the Long Mynd are Pole Bank (1,693 ft) and the adjacent hill of Caer Caradoc (1,506 ft).

It is surrounded by the principal settlements of Church Stretton, Little Stretton and All Stretton, Pulverbatch, Smethcott, Woolstaston, Asterton, Myndtown, Wentnor and Ratlinghope.

Frodesley mostly extends South-West along each side of the Roman road Watling Street, running from Wroxeter (Viroconium) to Leintwardine (Bravonium or Branogenium).

I have no actual record of William Davies parents, although it is believed his father was Edward. Currently I have no real dates for Edward's birth or death, however it is more than probable that he was born & died in the county of Shropshire, as social nobility didnt really start for non-gentry persons before the mid-1800's with the development of the railways delivering workers to the great British industrial cities.

William Davies is recorded as having been baptised at St. Michael’s church, Sibdon Carwood, Shropshire. Sibdon Carwood is some miles from Frodesley on the sothern side of the Long Mynd. Although it is quite some distance from Frodesley, the explanation could be that William's father Edward was a servant at the 17th-century Sibdon Castle country house.

William Davies married Theodosia (possibly spelled Therodasia or Theadotha) Cooper at St Thomas, Dudley, Worcestershire on 25 Octover 1830. William was a factory labourer in an area that had developed a lot of heavy engineering surrounding extensive coal mines. 

William Davies and Theodosia initially lived Primrose Hill, Netherton a suberb of Dudley where all 9 of their children were born.

The 9 children were:

  • Enoch Davies - 1830 – 1900
  • Sarah Anne Davies - 1831 – 1860
  • John Davies - 1833 – 1898
  • Martha Davies - 1836 – 1916 (poss)
  • Emma Davies - 1838 – 1918
  • Thomas Davies - 1841 – 1921
  • William Davies Jr - 1843 – 1923
  • Richard Davies - 1846 – 1926
  • Holly (Hola) Ann Davies - 1848 – 1916

By William Davies and Theodosia were living at 6 Kates Hill, Dudley and William was a Glass worker at one of the many Glassworks that surrounded Dudley. However, by 1861 they had moved to the nearby town of Tipton (Staffordshire) and lived on Wednesbury Rd. By this time William had become a Coal Miner.

The Coal Mining must have been profirtable because by 1871 William has returned to Shropshire and is shown to be a Farmer of 60 acres. Theodosia died in 1883 and by 1891 William had moved to Hughley, Shropshire where he is still shown to be a Farmer. Hugley is a small village on the very edge of Wenlock Edge, not many miles from Frodesley, where he was born.