The Abercrombie's

I discovered the Abercrombie family in researching my family tree and have found direct links via my fathers family. In this history of the Abercrombies I have concentrated on those family members from whom all the branches of the family extend. And how they interlink with my family.

One of the interesting things is that my mothers family, the Priday's of Woebley, Herefordshire may have known one of the Abercrombie's (who went onto become linked by marriage to my father's family, the Hyde's. Ellen Ann Abercrombie who is recorded as dying in the village when she was just 6 years old. How or why Ellen Ann Abercrombie was in Weobley at that time is currently unknown because her family home at that time was Tyberton Court, some distance from Weobley and on the other side of the River Wye. However, the death of such a young child in the village at time would have been known about, Weobley even today is small farming village.

The family story starts with George Abercrombie, born in 1743 at Bray, Berkshire, England and he died in Bray in 1796.

Bray is a village, a parish, a subdistrict and a hundred in Cookham district, Berkshire. The village stands on the Thames 1½ mile South by East of Maidenhead.
It is claimed it occupies the site of the Roman station Bibracte, although there is a lot of dispute about that and is now within the liberty of Windsor forest.

The parish consists of the approximately 9,102 acreas and comprises of four divisions of Bray, Maidenhead, Touchen, and Water-Oakley and contains part of the borough of Maidenhead. Today Bray is an afflient commuter settlement much loved by celebrities with notable restaurants, however when George Abercrombie was born it was an agricultural community alongside the river.

Although I have no records to prove it, George was probably an farm labourer working on a local farm. He was married to Martha and they raised 8 children:

  • John Abercrombie 1760 – 1827 - born & died in Bray
  • Thomas Abercrombie 1761 – 1830 - born & died in Bray
  • Mary Abercrombie 1762 – 1850 - born in Bray & died in Cookham, Berkshire
  • Frederick Abercrombie 1763 – 1835 - born & died in Bray, married no children
  • George Abercrombie 1764 – unknown death - born in Berkshire, married with one female child
  • William Abercrombie 1766 – 1853 - born & died in Bray, Berkshire, married with extensive family
  • Charlotte Abercrombie 1769 – 1772 - born & died in Bray
  • Abraham Abercrombie 1770 – unkonwn death - born in Bray, not married, no children

The family branches all start with:

George & Martha/Mary




-------> Thomas

Buckinghamshire, Ireland & New Zealand


-------> William








Bethnal Green, Middlesex

Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

Leyton, Essex




Manchester, Lancashire









Thomas Abercrombie & family (son of George & Martha/Mary)

Thomas was born in 1761 in Bray, was married to Mary Johnson (b. 1765 & d. 1819) and probably worked on the land as a labourer. Thomas and Mary had 8 children and it is from this family that the Buckinghamshire, Irish & New Zealand branches of the Abercrombies eminate.

Their children were:

  • Sarah Abercrombie: 1792 – 1815 - born & died in Medmenham, Berkshire, not marriedm, no children
  • Frederick Abercrombie: 1794 – 1865 - born in Cookham, Berkshire & died in Kildare & Meath, Ireland - see below
  • Harriot Sophia Abercrombie: 1797 – 1886 - born in Eton, Berkshire & died in Cookham, Berkshire, not married, no children
  • William Abercrombie: 1802 – 1849 - born & died in Cookham, Berkshire, not married, no children
  • Elizabeth Abercrombie: 1804 – 1881 - born & died in Cookham, Berkshire, not married, no children
  • George Abercrombie: 1807 – 1878 - born in Cookham, Berkshire & died at the Wavedon Arms, Wavendon, Buckinghamshire, England - see below
  • Hannah Abercrombie: 1810 – 1889 - born & died in Cookham, Berkshire, not married and no children
  • Eliza Abercrombie: 1813 – 1813 - born & died in Cookham, Berkshire, childhood death

Frederick Abercrombie & family (son of Thomas)

Frederick was a Professional Gardener by trade and plied his trade in Befordshire and in Ireland, which at that time, was governed by Britain (London).

Frederick married Frances Rex at Old Church, St. Pancras, Middlesex in 1823. Frances Rex was born during 1801 in Waltham St Lawrence, Berkshire & died on 12 September 1878 in Auckland, New Zealand.

Frederick & Frances had 3 children:

  • George Abercrombie: 1832 – 1901 - born in Woburn, Bedfordshire & died in Auckland, New Zealand
  • Elizabeth Abercrombie: 1834 – 1835 - childhood death
  • Frederick Abercrombie: 21 Oct 1836 – 24 Aug 1916 - born in Woburn, Bedfordshire & died in Auckland, New Zealand

At first Frederick & Frances set up home at London End, George St, Woburn, Bedfordshire and each of the three children were born there. By 1854 the family had moved to the Duke of Leinster's Estate, Maynooth, County Kildare, Ireland where Frederick was engaged as Gardener (possibly the head gardener) and his first son, George, was also employed as a Gardener on the same estate. Frederick died at the estate in 1865 and is buried in the local churchyard.

Following their fathers death, George & Frederick (his sons) emigrated to New Zealand in 1957 and both married there and set about creating their own families. Both brothers settled in the Auckland City area.

George Abercrombie (son of Frederick)

George married Emma Goodwin on 4 March 1854 at Caverswell, Staffoirdshire, England and by May 1854 he was a gardener on the Duke of Leinster's Estate at Maynooth, County Kildare, Ireland. The first 2 of George & Emma's 10 children were born before George & family emigrated to New Zealand:

  • Frederick James Abercrombie (1854 – 1935)
  • Anne Frances Abercrombie (1854 – 1857)

George & Emma & children left Southampton, England in 1857 and took up residence in Onehuna, Auckland, New Zealand, The remainder of their children were born in New Zealand:

  • George Frederick Abercrombie (1859 – 1922)
  • Amelia Adelaide Abercrombie (1862 – 1863)
  • William Albert Abercrombie (1865 – 1945)
  • Walter Goodwin Abercrombie (1867 – 1943)
  • Emma Jane Abercrombie (1870 – 1975)
  • Alice Abercrombie (1871 – 1951)
  • Clara Margaret Abercrombie (1875 – 1918)
  • Mabel Matilda Abercrombie (1878 – 1913)

George died on 29 July 1901 in Auckland, New Zealand, whilst his wife Emma died 21 June 1912 also in Auckland, New Zealand.

Frederick Abercrombie (son of Frederick)

Frederick was born 21 October 1836 in Woburn Bedfordshire.

I have no idea when Frederick arrived in New Zealand or which ship he travelled on, however Frederick, at age 46, married Annie Utting on the 23 November 1882 in Auckland, New Zealand. Frederick & Annie raised a family of 3 children:

  • Francis Rex Abercrombie (1884 – 1958)
  • Fanny Edith Abercrombie (1886 – 1963)
  • Roy Christopher Abercrombie (1888 – 1959)

Frederick died on 24 Aug 1916 in Auckland, New Zealand. His wife, Annie, died 5 August 1928 in Blockhouse Bay, Auckland, New Zealand.

George Abercrombie & family (son of Thomas)

George Abercrombie was born on 23 August 1807 in Cookham, Berkshire, England. At the age of 28, George married Mary Ann Fowler on 3 September 1835 at Bray, Berkshire, England. George & Mary Ann had two children:

  • Mary Abercrombie (1837 – 1874)
  • Elizabeth Abercrombie (1840 – 1902)

George, Mary Ann & family lived at Chingford, Essex in 1838, at  Barney, Buckinghamshire in 1840 and at Cross End, Wavendon, Buckinghamshire in 1841. In 1941 George was a gardener but by 1951 the family had moved to Wavendon, Buckinghamshire and he was a Fruiterer.

By 1871, at age 64, George & family had moved to the Wavedon Arms (public house) in Wavendon, Buckinghamshire and George was described as the Publican but also a farmer of 33 acres.

George died on 22 December 1878 (aged 71) at the Wavedon Arms, Wavendon, Buckinghamshire.

William Abercrombie & family (son of George & Martha/Mary)

William Abercrombie was born during April 1766 in Bray, Berkshire, England. He was the sixth child of George Abercrombie & Martha (Mary).

When he was 28 William married Elizabeth Bartlett during 1794 in Bray, Berkshire and they set about raising a family of 9 children:

  • William Abercrombie (1794 – 1855) - link to the Hyde family (see following)
  • Thomas Abercrombe (1795 – 1858) - born Bray, died Hampstead, Middlesex
  • James Abercrombie (1798 – 1860) - born Bray, died Shifnal, Shropshire (see following)
  • Mary Abercrombie (1800 – 1816)  - born & died in Bray
  • George Abercrombie (1802 – 1806) - born & died in Bray
  • Elizabeth Abercrombie (1804 – 1806) - born & died in Bray
  • Henry Abercrombie (1806 – 1881) - born Bray, died Hampstead, Middlesex
  • Eliza Abercrombie (1808 – 1892) - born Bray, died Cookham, Berkshire
  • Harriott Abercrombie (1811 – 1811) - born & died Bray

jesushosp brayUnfortunately current records give no details of William & Elizabeths life while they were raising their family, however I am guessing William was a gardener for families in the Bray/Cookham area (carrying on the family skills).

By 1841 times were hard for William & Elizabeth and they had to turn to the parish. Rather than a workhouse, Bray had a Jesus Hospital Almshouses and this is where we find William & Elizabeth living at this time. Although William was 75 he was still shown to be a Market Gardener. Three years later (1844) his wife passed away, however by 1851 we still find William living at the Almshouses and it is there that he died in January 1853.

Jesus Hospital Almshouses
Jesus Hospital, Upper Bray Road, Bray was founded by William Goddard in 1609 under the care of the Worshipful Company of Fishmongers, the guild for master fishmongers and one of the twelve historic livery companies of the city of London. The original 34 almshouses, built in a quadrangle, were constructed between 1623 and 1628. The almshouses also have a chapel in the centre of one side of the quadrangle and a wardens house.

Almshouses were often funded by guilds and provided shelter and medical care for poorer and older members (of the guild) and for for poor & elderly members of the parish the Almshouses were located in, with access/residence controlled by the Guild. So perhaps William was a Fishmonger & not a gardener like the rest of his family (at that time).

The Almshouses still exist and there was a recent campaign (2009-2010) to save the site from deveopers and secure its future. The Guild of Fishmongers eventually transferred the almshouses at Bray to Donnington Hospital Trust, a 600-year-old charity dedicated to running almshouses in Berkshire and Oxfordshire, will now manage the homes and residents will not have to move. The Bray almshouses are now Grade 1 listed (meaning they cannot be internally or externally altered other than to ensure safety).

William Abercrombie (son of William & Elizabeth Bartlett)

William Abercrombie was the first born of William & Elizabeth Bartlett's family. He was born during February 1794 in Cookham, Berkshire, England. He was baptised, in Cookham, on 23 February 1794.

When he was 26, William married Sarah Peak, on the 21st December 1820 at St. Lawrence, Reading, Berkshire.There do not appear to be any children.

Although I cannot prove this (records are scarce for this period), I think William & Sarah operated a Greengrocery & Fruiterers shop, possibly initially in Reading.  However by 1851, when he was 57, William & Sarah are living at 3 High Road, Ealing, Middlesex, England and William is described as a Retired Fruiterer.

By 1855 William was shown to be living at Theobald's Road, Red Lion Square, Ealing, Middlesex and it is at this location that he died on the 18 May 1855. His wife, Sarah, died in 1862.

Thomas Abercrombie (son of William & Elizabeth Bartlett)

Thomas Abercrombie was the second child of William & Elizabeth Bartlett's family. He was born on the 11 May 1795 in Bray, Berkshire, England.

When he was 25 he married Frances Higges on the 24 March 1821 at Clewer, Somerset, England. Thomas & Frances had 2 children:

  • Frances Higges Abercrombie (1821 – 1879) - born in Maidenhead, Berkshire, did not marry, no children
  • William Abercrombie (1827 – 1901) - born in Hendon, Middlesex , married with a stepson

By 1841, when he was 46, Thomas & Frances were living at Golders Hill, Hendon, Middlesex and Thomas was a Fruiterer - I suspect the property was a greengrocery and the family were living above.

He was certainly successful because by 1851 he & Frances had moved to an affluent area and were running a shop at 67 Higher St, St Johns, Hampstead, Middlesex (and again probaly living above).

It was at 67 Higher St, St Johns, Hampstead, Middlesex that Thomas died on 7 January 1858. His wife, Frances, took over the buisness and in 1861 was shown to still be at 67 Higher St, St Johns, Hampstead, Middlesex.

However, by 1871 Frances was recorded as being at a Lodging House in Church Rd, Hampstead St John, Middlesex where she was the Head & housekeeper. And it was at that address that Frances died in July 1880.

William Abercrombie (son of Thomas Abercrombie & Frances Higges)

William was born during 1827 in Hendon, Middlesex, England. By 1841 he was shown as living with his parents at the Fruiterers shop at Golders Hill, Hendon, Middlesex, William was 14 and probably helping in the shop.

He remained with his parents when they moved to 67 Higher St, St Johns, Hampstead, Middlesex and is shown to be a Shop Assistant in the 1851 & 1861 Census.

When he wss 38, William married Ann Hately on the 25 December 1865 at St Saviour Church, Hampstead, Middlesex. Ann Hately had been married previously to Robert Oates Careful (the marrisage was made on 9 June 1859 at St Johns church, Hampstead, Middlesex) by whom she had a son Thomas John Careful who was born in 1863. Unfortunately, Robert Oates Careful died in 1863.

Robert Oates Careful was a Pawnbroker, operated from (and lived at) 25 Northumberland St, Toxteth Park, Liverpool, Lancashire and it was in Liverpool that Thomas John Carefull was born. Thomas John's surname is shown two ways in records - like his father CAREFUL and later derived to be CAREFULL, no doubt after it was wrongly written down on some official document.

When William Abercrombie married Ann Hately he "adopted" Thomas John Careful and brought him up as his own. Adopted is in quotation marks because Thomas kept his fathers surname for the whole of his life so I doubt the adoption was formalised. Thomas John Careful is very important to the Hyde (my) family.

After their marriage. William moved to Liverpool and took over the Pawnbroking business ably assisted by Ann.

William was obviously successful as a Pawnbroker because by 1881 the business occupied two adjoining properties at 25-27 Northumberland St, Toxteth Park. And by 1891 William & Ann had moved the Pawnbrokers business (and their home) to 6 Langdale Rd, Toxteth Park, Liverpool. And it was at that address that William died on the 9 November 1901 aged 74. He left £2266 6s 5d & property to his widow Ann. Today the inheritance would be worth around £1.2m!!!

By 1910 when she died (on 5 September), Ann was living at 20 Hallville Rd, Allerton Rd, Mossley Hill, Liverpool. She left £5650 17s 11d & property & ewffects to her only son, Thomas John Carefull (who had gained a second L on his surname by this time). Thomas John is recorded as being an engineer at this time.

Thomas John Carefull (son of Robert Oates Careful & Ann Hately & "adopted" son of William Abercrombie & Ann Hately)

Thomas John Carefull was born during 1863 at 25 Northumberland Street, Toxteth Park, Liverpool, Lancashire, England. Following the death of his father Robert Oates Careful, also in 1863, Thomas John remained with his mother when she married William Abercrombie and he was raised by William as his "son".

Althogh both his natural father Robert and his adopted father William were both Pawnbrokers, Thomas chose a different path and studied to become an Engineer. However, the 1881 Census does show him as being a Pawnbrokers Apprentice.

By 1891 Thomas John was described as a "steam engine maker" although I cannot find trace of his business and therefore conclude he was working for someone else. Liverpool and area, at that time, was a heavy engineering area with many firms building steam engines for shipping, railways and industrial premises.

In January 1892, at age 29, John Thomas Carefull married Mary Jane Hyde at Wolverhampton, Staffordshire.

Mary Jane Hyde is one of my first cousins three times removed and the actual lineage is:

  • Mary Jane Hyde (1869 - 1944) - 1st cousin 3x removed
  • Josiah (Isaiah) Hyde (1842 - ) father of Mary Jane Hyde - great, great, great, great, grandfather
  • Joseph Hyde (1803 - 1870) father of Josiah (Isaiah) Hyde - great, great, great grandfather
  • Ephraim William Hyde (1830 - 1895) son of Joseph Hyde - great, great grandfather
  • Josiah Hyde (1861 - 1930) son of Ephraim William Hyde - great grandfather
  • Ephraim William Hyde (1887 - 1964) son of Josiah Hyde - grandfather
  • Gilbert Wilfred Hyde (1916 - 2006) son of Ephraim William Hyde - father
  • William G Hyde - me

Following their marriage, Thomas John & Mary Jane set up home (in 1901) at 70 Selborne St, Toxteth Park, Liverpool, where Thomas John is described as a Civil engineer running his own business. Liverpool was still in the throes of its massive reconstruction stage (started circa 1750) with plenty of work for anyone dsecribing themselves as a "civil engineer" and the biggest project was the construction of Pier Head that started in 1902.

Thomas John & Mary Jane had 3 children:

  • Thomas Vincent Carefull (1894 – 1908) - died at age 14
  • Gilbert Hyde Carefull (1895 – 1968)
  • Geoffrey Cecil Careful (1901 – 1987)

By 2 April 1911 the family had moved to 139 Hartington Road, Toxteth Park, Liverpool and Thomas John is now described as a General engineer (employer). 

Thomas John Carefull died 5 September 1933 in Liverpool. His wife, Mary Jane moved to 90 Green Lane, Liverpool, Lancashire after Thomas John died and it was at this house that she died on 30 March 1944 at age 75. Mary Jane left to Gilbert Hyde Carefull & Geoffret Cecil Carefull (engineers) Effects + £9,917 4s 3d.

James Abercrombie (son of Wiiliam Abercrombie & Elizabeth Bartlett)

James Abercrombie was born on the 2nd of January 1798 in Bray, Berkshire, England. He was the third son of William Abercrombie & Elizaberth Bartlett.

Early records do not exist, however considering his parentage and his subsequent occupation I suspect he started out as a Gardener and through that moved to the Shifnal area of Shropshire.

On 19 February 1830 James married Ellen Simpson (who was born in Shifnal, Shropshire). The marriage took place in Shifnal and James & Ellen set up home at Crackley Bank, Shifnal, Shropshire. At this time James was recorded as being an agricultural labourer.

James & Ellen had 3 children:

  • James Abercrombie (1831 – 1883) - born & died Crackley Bank, Shifnal
  • Thomas Abercrombie (1834 – 1910) - born Crackely Bank & died Madley, Herefordshire
  • Elizabeth Abercrombie (1839 – 1915) - born Crackley Bank & died Saltley, Birmingham

By 1851 James had become a Farmer & Publican and still lived on Crackley Bank, Shifnal. A map search of Crackley Bank (then & now) shows one public house - the Hare & Hounds and I have to assume that this was actually both pub and farm house in 1851 - it certainly looks like that descripti0on could fit its location.

James died, at Crackley Bank, on 19 December 1860 and left Effects under £200 to his wife Ellen.

His wife, Ellen, took over running the pub on her husbands death with help from her first born son James. She continued to live at the Hare & Hounds until her own death in 1864.

James Abercrombie (son of James Abercrombie & Ellen Simpson)

James Abercrombie was born during 1831 at Crackley Bank, Shifnal, Shropshire, England.

James father died 19 December 1860 at The Hare & Hounds, Crackley Bank, Shifnal and his widow Ellen & James (this son) took over and both became licensed victuallers of the premises.

James married Elizabeth Anne Morgans in July 1864 at Shifnal. Elizabeth Anne was born during December 1846 at the Eight Bells Inn, Market Place, Shifnal. James & Elizabeth Annnie set up home at The Hare & Hounds and set about raising 10 children:

  • James Richard Abercrombie (1866 – 1947) - born in Crackley Bank & died in Manchester
  • Frank Slater Abercrombie (1867 – 1927) - born in Crackley Bank & died in Manchester
  • Lizzie Ellen Abercrombie (1869 – ?) - born in Crackley Bank
  • Horace Abercrombie (1872 – 1906) - born in Crackley Bank & died in Manchester
  • Alpha Abercrombie (1873 – 1948) - born in Crackley Bank & died in Chorlton, Lancashire
  • Edith Gertrude Abercrombie (1875 – ?) - born in Crackley Bank & died in Manchester (perhaps)
  • Ada Mary Abercrombie (1876 – ?) - born in Crackley Bank & died in Manchester (perhaps)
  • George Abercrombie (1878 – ?) - born in Crackley Bank & died in Manchester (perhaps)
  • Christania Morgans Abercrombie (1880 – ?) - born in Crackley Bank & died in Manchester (perhaps)
  • Arthur W Abercrombie (1886 – ?) - born in Crackley Bank & died in Manchester (perhaps)
  • Christiana Abercrombie (1867 – 1867) - born & died in Crackley Bank, Shifnal

hare-hounds-crackleyFollowing his marriage to Elizabeth Anne, James was described in 1871 as a Farmer of 40 acres employing one agricultural labourer and Innkeeper of The Hare & Hounds, Crackley Bank.

The modern view of the pub shows it to have farm land behind it so it is easy to see how the property was probably a farm house with Inn attached. An Inn was (at that time) described as a public house from which visitors could get drink, food & overnight accomadation, whereas a public house or beer house was purely a place to sell drink. A public house sold drink other than beer and a beer house was allowed solely to sell beer, most usually brewed on the premises.

James died at The Hare & Hounds on 3rd April 1883 and he left the property to his wife Elizabeth in an undetailed will.

There is a mystery surrounding Elizabeth, Her last born, Arhur W was born in 1886 3 years after the death of her husband James. Arthur has the surname Abercrombie so who his father was is open to speculation. Arthur W was born at The Hare & Hounds, Crackley Bank.

By 1891, Elizabeth and her family had moved north to Lancashire, presumably after having sold the farm & Inn. They are now residing at 53 King St, Ardwick, Lancashire, England and the family are listed as follows:

  • Elizabeth Anne Abercrombie - Head - no occupation
  • James Richard Abercrombie - Son - Coachman/Groom
  • Frank Slater Abercrombie - Son - Grocers Assistant
  • Alpha Abercrombie - Son - Engine Cleaner
  • Horace Abercrombie - Son - Railway Porter
  • Edith Abercrombie - Daughter - Tailoress
  • Ada Abercrombie - Daughter - Tailoress
  • George Abercrombie - Son - Scholar
  • Christina - Daughter - Scholar
  • Arthur W Abercrombie - Son - Scholar

By 1901 Elizabeth & her family had moved to 77 Prince St, Ardwick, Manchester and the family is described as:

  • Elizabeth Anne Abercrombie - Head/Widow - no occupation
  • James Richard Abercrombie - Son/Widower - Horse man/Groom in Lumber yard
  • Edith Abercrombie - Daughter/Single - Tailoress (Mens Coats)
  • Ada Abercrombie - Daughter/Single - Tailoress (Mens Coats)
  • George Abercrombie - Son/Single - Warehouseman (Woollen Mill)
  • Christania - Daughter/Single - Corset Maker
  • Arthur W Abercrombie - Son/Single - Errand lad (Tea)
  • Mary - Granddaughter (aged 6)

Frank Slater Abercrombie had left home & married Emily Collinge (April 1895) at St Mark's, West Gorton, Lancashire and had set up home & his Grocery business at 2 Nicholson Square, Ardwick, Manachester.

Alpha Abercrombie had left home (in 1901) and was a boarder with an Elizabeth Downs (whom he later married) at 21 Chapel St, Gorton, South Manchester where he was described as being a Railway Porter.

Horace Abercrombie married Emily Louisa Christian in June 1898 in Manchester and had by 1901 set up home at 29 Hewitt St, Openshaw, Manchester and had become a Police Constable.

In 1911 Elizabeth is still living in Manchester at 20 Royal St, Ashton Old Road, Ardwick and the household is described as:

  • Elizabeth Anne Abercrombie - Head/Widow - no occupation
  • James Richard Abercrombie - Son/Widower - Carter (lumber)
  • Edith Abercrombie - Daughter/Single - Machinist (costume)
  • Arthur W Abercrombie - Son/Single - Cutter (Lady Tailors)
  • Mary Abercrombie - Granddaughter/Single - Machinist (Baby Clothes)

Ada Abercrombie married William Barder on 3rd August 1901 at St. Silas church, Ardwick, Manchester, By 1911 Ada & William had set up home 32 Royal St, Ashton Old Rd, Ardwick, Manchester. William was a Fitter at a textile works, Ada was a housewife and they had Ernest Abercrombie (nephew/age 15) living with them and he too was a Fiiter at the textile works.

George Abercrombie - Son - does not appear on the 1911 Census and I can (at present find no trace of him).

Christania Morgans Abercrombie married Albert Edward Barber (brother of William who had married Ada) at St. Silas church, Ardwick, Manchester, Lancashire on 28 July 1902 and bu 1911 Albert & Chrisania were living at 42 Royal St Ardwick Manchester and raising a family. Albert was employed as a Railway Checker (ticket inspector maybe).

Census records currnetly stop at 1911 and I as yet cannot find a death record for Elizabeth Anne.

Thomas Abercrombie J.P. (son of James Abercrombie & Ellen Simpson)

Thomas Abercrombie was born during 1834 at Crackley Bank, Shifnal, Shropshire, England and was the second child of James Abercrombie & Ellen Simpson.

Thomas was baptised on 30 March 1834 at St Andrew's, Church St, Shifnal, Shropshire.

By 1841 James, Ellen & family had moved to The Hare & Hounds, Crackley Bank, Shifnal, Shropshire where James was described as being a Farmer of 40 acres & Innkeeper.

By 1861 Thomas had gained the position of Gardener to Robert Henry Lee-Warner, J.P., D.L., High Sheriff of Herefordshire at his country residence, Tyberton Court, Tyberton, Herefordshire.

While at Tyberton Court Thomas met & married Ann Constable (about 1862) and they started to raise a family whilst still working at Tyberton Court.

Eventually Thomas & Ann raised 5 children:

  • Alfred James Abercrombie (1863 – 1924) - born at Tyberton Court, Herefordshire & died at Leominster, Herefordshire
  • Ellen Ann Abercrombie (1864 – 1870) - born at Tyberton Court, Herefordshire & died at Weobley, Herefordshire
  • Thomas Henry Abercrombie (1866 – 1950) - born at Preston-on-Wye, Herefordshire & died at Hereford, Herefordshire (not married)
  • James Abercrombie (1868 – ?) - born at Preston-on-Wye, Herefordshire, death unknown (history unclear)
  • Henry George Abercrombie (1873 – 1938) born & died at Preston-on-Wye, Herefordshire

By 1866 Thomas & Ann were resident in Preston-on-Wye, Herefordshire where Thomas was a farmer. And by 1871 they had acquired Upper Bellmore Farm, Preston- on-Wye, Herefordshire where Thomas was recorded as being a farmer of 104 acres employing 2 labourers & 2 boys.

10 years later and Thomas, Ann & family had moved to Castle Farm, Madley, Herefordshire where Thomas was recorded as being a Farmer of 220 Acres (employing 5 labourers & 2 boys).

By 1891 Thomas had become a County Councilor & Chairman of Dore Rural District Council and still farmed at Castle Farm. He was recorded as being a Justice of the Peace at this time.

By 1901 the property had become known as The Castle farm, Madley, Herefordshire.

Thomas died on 7 February 1910 and left the farm & £894 19s 2d to his two sons Thomas Henry Abercrombie & Henry George Abercrombie who were both described as being farmers.

Henry George Abercrombie (son of Thomas Abercrombie & Ann Constable)

Henry George Abercrombie was born during December 1873 at Upper Bellmore Farm, Preston- on-Wye, Herefordshire, England. He was the last born of the 5 children of Thomas Abercombie J.P. & Ann Constable.

By 1881 his father had bought Castle Farm, Madley, Herefordshire where the family moved to from Preston-on-Wye.

At age 18, Henry George is shown to be working as an Assistant clothier & bording with William H Butt, manager of clothier shop at 7 High St, Abergavenny, Monmouthshire, Wales.

By 1901 Henry George was back at The Castle farm, Madley, Herefordshire where he is recorded as being a Farmers son.

When his father died on 7 February 1910, Henry George & his brother Thomas Henry inherited and ran The Castle farm, Madley and he is shown on the 1911 Census to be single & resident there.

Henry George Abercrombie married Edith Mary Rawlings during December 1921. He was aged 48 & Edith Mary was 26. Edith Mary Rawlings was born on 12 September 1895 at Norton Canon, Herefordshire. As far as I know (currently), Henry George & Edith Mary did not have any children.

Henry George died during December 1938 at Preston-on-Wye (possibly at Upper Bellmore Farm).

Edith Mary survived him and married Henry James Coleman in Sepotember 1945 and ultimately died in Hereford during December 1971.