July 2010

Some images of my garden in bloom early July 2010. Almost all of the plants were supplied by W.J. Rowling who have a regulary stall on Harborne Farmers Market. They are market gardeners from Copthorne near Evesham. Worcestershire. I have purchased planted pots, hanging baskets and most of bedding plants from them since I inherited the garden following Dad passed away in 2006.

The garden also features roses.

The oldest climbing rose - planted over 40 years ago - grows up the garden wall and is supported by the trellis the cat is so fond of sitting on. This plant was given to Dad as a cutting by Cyril Marsh, who was at that time caretaker of the Blue Coat School in Somerset Road, Harborne - just round the corner from the shop Dad had at that time. This plant blooms at end of May and usually the last flowers fall late in June. This year it lasted until the first few days of July. It produces beautiful yellow buds that open into pale yellow/white flowers, unfortunately no scent though, although they are favourites of the bee's that come to the garden.

The second oldest is planted in the top garden. Originally it was planted in front of the Laburnum tree and didnt gow that well. Once again it is a climber and was given to Dad as a cutting from a friend at Fairbourne, Gwynedd, Wales. In the year Dad died I had to get the Laburnum tree chopped down because it was dead and dangerous. No soomer had thattree gone and the rose suddenly burst into life. It is now 6ft tall  tied to an extending landing net pole (Dad was once a keen angler) and growing along a horizontal cane attached to the fence. One day when I ghet this part of the garden sorted out, I will build a better from to support it. It produces beautiful deep pink blooms, usually from late mid August to mid September. However the excellent weather this year has reesulted in the plant having two blooms so far. I hope that I will get more later.

The third rose is a compact bush of the "Schoolgirl" variety that I was giving by the W.J.Rowling stall 2 years ago on the basis that iif it bloomed it would be a bonus. It has bloomed each year and produces beautiful orange blooms that go through peach to a light pink. I have had 2 flowers so far this year. Although there are no more buds at present, I hope that I may get some more.

The fourth rose was a bush that produced a small red flower. However this plant has not bloomed for 3 years and I have replaced it this year with a new varigated bush that should (with luck) produce blue flowers next year. I acquired this plant from Marks & Spencer supermarket Harborne. It is a waiting game to see what I get but its in good compost and gets regularly watered and fed.

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