March 16 2011

Today I managed to find a little bit of time for myself (been a busy few months with new website developments & website maintenance for customers).

I got out into the garden and took a few snaps of my winter/spring gowth and from the look of it the bad winter has been good for the plants. By the look of it I could be in for a good year, specially for rose blooms.

And if I finally get rid of the old shed this year I hope to build at least one raised planting bed, a small glass frame/greenhouse and seating area in the space it and its associated "junk" occupies.

Two of my existing raised beds have each been planted with 30+ mixed flower bulbs - along the front edge - so I am keen to see what develops from them. The rear of the raised beds will be filled with Geraniums as usual and any remaining space with a variety of bedding plants all adding (hopefully again) to a bright and colourful garden.

Still loads of spring work to do of course - have to find a better way of supporting the top climbing rose 9by side of new shed) & need to get some tree straps to support the new growth on the Hawthorn & Sycamore and replace the "heath robinson" current support stuff. Also need to get and fasten up hanging brackets for more baskets and I am going to try and grow Strawberry & Tomatoes in hanging "bags" - apparrently its an idea that does work, I will have to wait and see if it will work for me.

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