Mom's School

(updated 20/10/13)

When I used to chat with my Mom, Alice, about her childhood she always spoke about St. Peters, Harborne when she spoke of her school. I do know that the well-known teacher Mr William Hardwick (known to all as Billy) was the Headmaster when Mom was at St. Peters. I also know that school ended for most children at 14 years (pre 1947).

The following photos are from Mom's time at Kings Norton Grammar School for Girls. I am indebited to my cousin Mary for the clarification re my Moms schooling, but strangely enough the Garmmar School bit never came up in conversation (when Mom and I spoke of her early years), however I can now see why Mom was so keen for me to go to Lordswood Boys Technical Grammar School.

The photos show some of Moms teachers and classmates throughout her time at Kings Norton Grammar School.