Moms Feet

After Dad passed away in 2006 I was rushing around getting the family home converted so I could "liberate" Mom from the care home she moved to while Dad got worse with his cancer.

No sooner had I got Mom home than we had to make a number of trips to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital because of her poor circulation and particularly because of her swollen and painful feet.

We were both amazed when one day I was asked to deliver her to the Othapedic Appliances Dept, where we discovered that she was entitled to get one pair (per year) of made to measure shoes or boots. And whats more, when we finally took delivery of them we dicovered the uppers were all leather and the shoes had been made in BIRMINGHAM - who knew?

The shoes were made to very detailed measurements (and a foot plan) prepared in the Orthapedic Appliances Dept and we had to attend a fitting session before she got to leave with her new shoes.

mom 90 bday-2

Mom was as pleased as punch with her shoes because she got rid of the horrible slipper type booties supplied by West Heath Hospital (with holes cut in the sides to cater for her bunions).

Luckily Mom lived long enough to get two pairs of these made to measure shoes. Don't anyone let you believe the NHS doesn't provide quality stuff - if we had wanted to buy a pair of these shoes we would have to have found £150.00 - £200.00 per pair!!