Moms 90th Birthday

May 28th 2007 was Moms 90th Birthday. It was spent at home (with me) and she is pictured in her electric chair (it uses electricity to rise...allowing her easy access) and in front of her lift.

mom 90 bday-1

We also see her new shoes - made to measure in Birmingham and paid for by the National Health Service. She was as pleased as punch by them and glad to at long last to get her feet out of slippers and particularly the small booties supplied by the care home.

mom 90 bday-2

She got some cards from her family - her 3 her neices & me and from one or two of her old friends. She also got the bunch of flowers (from me). We had her favourite birthday meal of rump steak, mushrooms & chips followed by fresh strawberries and cream, all washed down by a couple of glasses of top quality chardonnay.

mom 90 bday-3