L.A.C.W Priday A.M. (My Mom)

In WW2 my Mom served in the Womens Auxillary Air Force and was demobbed on 26 April 1946. By that time she had achieved the rank of Leading Air Crafts Woman and was awarded £3, 15 shilling and 11 pence (£3 : 15 s. 11- d.) as a final wage payment.

Although given the rank of LACW, Mom worked in vital clerical posts throughout the war - she worked in the RAF forces wages department and was based in Central London, Hounslow, Middlesex (what is now Heathrow maybe or possibly Northolt), Worcester & Birmingham.

War Gratuity and Post War Credit

In addition she was entitled to a payment for War Gratuity and Post War Credit. Payment for these two awards was made into a Post Office Savings Bank Account set up by the War Ministry and Royal Air Force - they did the same for all women being demobolised from the WAAF I believe. However, typical of the red tape of any Government and particularly the British Government, the monies were not credited to the new account until 57 days after the day Mom left the dispersal centre.

Moms War Gratuity for the rank of LACW for a period of 54 months was 6/8 (6 s. 8- d.) per month = £18.00.

Moms Post War Credit was for 1577 days at -/4 per day (- s. 4- d.) per day = £26 : 5 s. 8 d.

In all the Post Office Savings Account was credited with £44 : 5 s. 8 d. - a fair sum to have at that time! At todays rates its equal to £1,364.17 !!

The purpose of the War Gratuity and Post War Credit was to give demobbed service personnel some money to enable them to settle back into civilian life - particularly important for people who had lived in "the field" or barracks many of whom only had a kitbag containing their uniform and a few (very few) personal belongings.

Of the War Gratuity & Post War Credit the Labour Party said in its 1945 Manifesto "s short boom period after the war, when savings, gratuities and post-war credits are there to be spent, can make a profiteer's paradise" - so they persuaded people to vote them into power in 1946 and promptly put up the Income Tax to claw back the monies and keep it out of the hands of the profiteer's.

Post War Dispersal - Demobolisation

All service persons to be "demobbed" had to report to a dispersal centre, where all there paperwork was sorted out, they handed in any weapons they had and their uniforms were exchanged for "demob-suits" - civilian clothing made in bulk to a standard design. Mom's dospersal centre was at Wythall Warwickshire (this was where the "Notification of Final Payment of Pay and Allowances & Amount Due for War Gratuity & Post War Credit - R.A.F Form 2783" was issued on 8th April 1946.

Mom was granted "release leave" which expired on 26/4/46 so I am making the assumption she was granted leave from 8/4/46 to 26/4/46 - a period of 18 days.

As I find out more, I will expand this article and perhaps create others.