Lost Family

After my Dad died in 2006, I was going through his papers and came across lots of photographs I had never seen before. I checked them out with my Mom and we together arrived at the conclusion that a number related to Dad's Grandfather, about who we knew very little.

In 2007 I decided to try and build the family tree, knowing that one of my cousins had already done this for the Priday side (Mom's family) and because there wasn't much of the Hyde side - me, Dad, my Grandfather & Dad's Grandfather - it wouldn't be too time consuming.

I decided to add all the detail that I knew into the Ancestry.co.uk Family Tree system.

Just before Christmas 2008 I suddenly got the weirdest email I have ever received. It was from someone I didn't know who said that according to Ancestry.co.uk he and I shared at least one ancestor!!

After an exchange of emails the story unfolded and I discovered that I have a load of cousins in Newport South Wales and I was sure (at the time) that my Dad had no knowledge of these people because when he had his shop Usk, Abergavenny & Brecon were regular half day trips out "to get some fresh air". And if he did know, wouldn't we have visited them at least once?

However, since communicating with my 2nd cousin in South Wales I am probably not correct in that assumption, however more of that later.

So in 2008/9 I rapidly went from being the last in the line on the Hyde family following Dads demise - I am an only child as he was - to being part of a rather large family spread over parts of England, South Wales and the USA!

To say I was gob smacked would be understatement and to be honest it took some getting used to. The major benefit has been that my 2nd cousin, who has spent 30+ years researching the Hyde family tree, has started to make a range of information available to me which is helping to fill the gaps in my knowledge of the Hyde clan.