2003: Last time Mom & Dad went to Fairbourne

dad-mom2001They had travelled down from Birmingham in the Mk 2 Ford Escort Dad had purchased the previous year from Howard Salt after Dad had crashed the Citroen.

Unfortunately, Dad was very ill by this time, the (bowel) cancer had really taken hold and he knew it but was afraid to admit it and had by this time not sought medical nelp. He did what a lot of his generation did, he soldiered on in the hope that things would just get better.

Of course they did not and on the Easter Sunday of 2003 Dad drove himself and Mom to Aberystwith, a familar destination. They parked up on the quay, a little way past the Castle and Dad misjudged the distances and gaps and rolled the front of the car into the cast iron raillings  and dropped the front wheels off the edge (above the sea).

He and Mom were rescued and the car was recovered by to Fairbourne by the AA. The car was found to be not really worth repairing, so they were basically stuck. However the very good people they stayed with agreed to ferry Mom & Dad & all their holiday belongings back to Birmingham and they all duely arrived Easter Monday afternoon.

The Easter Sunday was the last time Dad drove, Mom refused to get into a car with him again after that accident. And in February 2006 he passed away, four months short of his 90th birthday.

The picture shows them both outside Einion House, Friog (their lodgings) for the last time, just prior to being brought back home.