About the RNLI & why I support them

The RNLI is the charity that saves lives at sea. They provide a 24-hour lifeboat search and rescue service around the coasts of the UK and Republic of Ireland, as well as a seasonal lifeguard service on many of the busiest beaches in England and Wales.

I can't swim - I have nasal breathing difficulties that always made it hard to learn and teachers that never had enough time for the awkward kid, so I never learnt. However, I love the coast of the UK and particularly Wales. Waterways in general fascinate me - I am drawn by the power and obvious beauty but also by the history and environmental impact.

So if I am to have a favourite charity it has to be one that may have to one day be of use to me - so I have always supported the RNLI - I advertise them, raise money for them and generally promote them.

Barmouth Lifeboat Station

Barmouth has had a RNLI lifeboat for nearly 180 years. They operate in all weathers, are totally volunteer-manned and currently boast a carriage-launched Mersey class boat and an inshore D class lifeboat launched over the beach to avoid the harbour bar. Barmouth Station has in those 180 years been awarded Thirteen RNLI gallantry awards.

At one time, the main Lifeboat was permantly moored to a bouy in the old harbour, always ready for action. The carriage launch facility now means the boat can be kept indoors, allowing easier maintenance and extending the life of the vessel.

Inshore lifeboats are inflatables or semi-rigids, powered by outboard motors.

Aberdovey Lifeboat Station

The RNLI have had a lifeboat station at the small village of Aberdovey on the north side of the Dyfi estuary for nearly 140 years. Today the station is home to an inshore B class Atlantic 75 lifeboat.

Read more about the RNLI and its boats, services and how to support them (click this link)