Help for Heroes

Often called "the new boys on the block" Help for Heroes have managed to firmly plant themselves in the public eye by doing exactly what it says on the tin.

I firmly believe that once our Government have decided to put our troops in harms way, the troops need and deserve 100% of our support. I may not like the Goverments decision and I can do something about that next time there is an election, but once a decision is made our 100% professional, voluteer Army, Navy & Air Force have no choice but to go to war!

And when that war gets them hurt, both physically and mentally, its up to the rest of us to make their lives better - after all they are prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice for us, its the least we can do for them.

Unlike many charities, Help for Heroes are proud to proclaim that all their available funds (less the obligatory operational reserves) are fully committed to helping our defenders. At Help for Heroes it costs just £0.08 (8 pennies) to raise/spend a £1.00. What they have achieved by being single minded is nothing more than a miracle.

Since 2008 when the initial aim was to raise funds for a swimming pool for the Combined Forces Recovery Centre at Hedley Court, Help for Heroes has helped the British public raise over £150m (in 5 years). They have built centres for treatment, recovery and retraining, have built a home from home for the families who have to be at the QE Hospital (here in Birmingham) while their loved ones get the best possible treatment for their wounds and they have given individuals everything from mattresses to computer equipment to help them live with their injuries.

Help for Heroes gets my vote as a cause well worth supporting and they get my money too!!


Help for Heroes