Black Sheep

Every large family tends to find one or two people in their ancestry who have fallen foul of the laws of the country they are living in and for some the punishment is extreme and may include transportation to another country or territory or worse.

Here I will record those ancestors I have discovered. They will be listed in alphabetical order.

I do not judge but do perhaps reflect that often the offence is a sign of the times and related to other factors that the pure, black & white records do not show. Where I know more details I will write and link an article to the persons name.

George Henry Bassford - Sentenced to 4 months at Leicester Assizes on 11 March 1840. Sent to Leicester Gaol for Larceny
Born in 1818 at Emmanuel, Loughborough, Leicestershire, England Death unknown, he was still alive at 77 years in 1895
He was the brother-in-law of the first great grand aunt of the second wife of my paternal grandfather

Samuel Rock - Sentenced to 7 years at Hereford Assizes in July 1853. Sent to Hereford Gaol for stealing sheep
Born 1797 in Linton, Herefordshire, England & Died January 1880 in Newent, Gloucestershire, England
He was one of my second cousins four times removed

Thomas Rock (son of Samuel) - Sentenced to 4 years 1 day at General Quarter Sessions Court, Hereford on 18 Mar 1861. Sent to Hereford Gaol for 2 convictions of stealing sheep
Born during October 1842 in Linton, Herefordshire, England & Died on 10 Nov 1900 at Lothair House St, St Michael's Square, Gloucester, Gloucestershire
He was one of my third cousins three times removed

William Priday - Sentenced to 2 months at Gloucester Assizes on 5 January 1836. Sent to Gloucester Gaol for Larceny
Born in 1799 on a farm tenanted by his father at Quedgeley, Gloucestershire, England & Died on 15 Mar 1883 in Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England
He was the father of the sister of my second great grand aunt