Harborne Carnival 2006

For 12 years Harborne Carnival has been a one day affair, set up along the High Street from the Junction pub to the Green Man pub. With an extensive fun fair down the one side of the road and every inch of the remaining pavements covered in charity & local traders stalls it became the biggest one-day festival in Europe (apparently).

These pictures are from the arrival and build up of the rides & stalls of the fun fair, all photos taken during a number of walks up & down the High St starting just after 6am and finishing around 9.30am.

My interest is in the equipment (the rides & stalls) and how it fits together and in the vehicles the showmen use, many of which have been specially built or specially adapted to fit their use. I am not really interested in visiting operating fun fairs.

The Fun Fair in Harborne High Street is organised by Robert Wilkinson and "let" to two family groups - Wilkinson's fun fair including the Keyes family and Anthony Harris trading as Pat Collins including the Charles Harris family. The two family groups supply the major rides and "sub-let" space to other ride and/or stall operators. Generally, the Harris associates occupy the space from The Green Man to St Johns Road and the Wilkinson associates occupy the space from St Johns Road to The Junction (including The Varsity [as ws]  car-park).

The Carnival opened for business at 10.30 and closed bang on 5pm......and by 7pm it was all gone again and save for the litter, you would never know anything had happened. By 2012 it was reported that in excess of 80,000 people turned out for this great one day of fun, raising £1000's for charity & local good causes.