Places called Birmingham

Looking something up on the Internet for a friend I managed to compile a list of places called Birmingham. I am sure there are some missing from the list, so if you know of another Birmingham, let me know.

United Kingdom

Birmingham is a city in England. It is the most populated place with city status in the United Kingdom (after London), and the largest city commonly known as Birmingham.


Birmingham Creek, Tasmania.


Birmingham, Saskatchewan & Birmingham Bay, Somerset island.


Birmingham Castle, Athenry, Galway; Birmingham Castle, Carbury, Kildare and New Birmingham, Tipperary.

New Zealand

Birmingham, Wellington, North Island.

United States of America

  • Birmingham, Jefferson, Alabama
  • Birmingham Port, Jefferson, Alabama
  • Birmingham, Los Angeles, California
  • Birmingham, New Haven, Connecticut
  • Birmingham, Fulton, Georgia
  • Birmingham, Schuyler, Illinois
  • Birmingham, Miami, Indian
  • Birmingham, Van Buren, Iowa
  • Birmingham, Jackson, Kansas
  • Birmingham, Marshall, Kentucky
  • Birmingham, Oakland, Michigan
  • Birmingham, Lee Mississippi
  • Birmingham, Clay, Missouri
  • Birmingham, Burlington, New Jersey
  • Birmingham, Erie, Ohio
  • Birmingham, Guernsey, Ohio
  • Birmingham, Allegheny, Pennsylvania
  • Birmingham, Chester, Pennsylvania
  • Birmingham, Delaware, Pennsylvania (one of 2)
  • Birmingham, Delaware, Pennsylvania (two of 2)
  • Birmingham, Huntingdon, Pennsylvania
  • Birmingham, Snohomich, Washington.

The Moon

Yes, the Moon!

Crater No. 357 is called Birmingham, apparently it lies within a larger crater called "Hell"! (no comment).