About Me

I worked for 32 years in Communications, taking early reitrement in 2003 at age 50.

I then became a full time carer for my Dad, who was in process of dying from bowel cancer. Being an only son, the responsibility fell on me even though Mom was still alive at the time. She couldn't cope with watching the man she had loved most of her adult life and been married to for 51 years slowly get worse due to that terrible illness.

Dad passed away in 2006 and by that time Mom was in a care home mainly because she had a stroke in late 2005 which meant she no longer could she get up all the steps in the family home and particularly the stairs. And to be honest, I couldn't cope with looking after both Mom and Dad at that time.

After Dad passed on I decided that I'd rather have Mom at home - I would move on to being her fulltime carer. So I used some of the inheritance to remodel the house and get a through the floor lift installed and convert her bedroom by adding a small bathroom ensuite. This meant that she could use the lift to travel from the rear lounge, with views of the garden, straight up to her bedroom/bathroom.

Mom returned home in July 2006 and I set about caring for her. This I continued to do until she also passed away in April 2009.

When I fiirst started to care for Dad, I also created a small business providing web design and website management services to a small group of people. As it was a home based business, I was alble to do the work in between looking after Dad, often when he slept.

Today I still run the business, look after my garden and the house, try to be a positive influence on the life of someone very special to me and try to enjoy my retirement.